The Miniature World of Macro

One of the most difficult photographic disciplines lies in the mastering of the fine details in Macro Photography. While I don't profess to being a master of the craft by any means, my digital camera has allowed me to experiment and progress in ways that simply weren't possible with the Contax. Many of these photographs were taken in the immediate vicinity of my home - in the garden, around the pond and even in the ditches alongside the road. The location means little and even the most mundane subjects, such as the lowly Dandelion, take on new beauty and meaning once viewed through the lens. Below is a small sample of the past few year's efforts. I hope you enjoy them

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Silvery-Blue Mason Bee Dragonfly
Life Cycle Damsels Swallowtail Butterfly
dandelion wasp Dragonfly Laying Eggs
Butterfly Bees Butterfly
Western Spadefoot Toad Honey Bee spider
bee caterpillar Bumble Bee
Behr's Hairstreak Butterfly swallowtail butterfly ladybug

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