Landscapes have always been my first love and I'm constantly working to see both the spectacular and the ordinary in new ways. Here is a but a small sample of my work, spanning 15 years of photography. I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed capturing them

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Frozen in Time Valley View when horses dream
Prairie Fire Old Memories Fire and Water
Sunset Global Warming Sunset
Hayfield Alexandra Autumn River
Skaha winding road Pikes Peak
Glendo Garden of the Gods Idaho
Idaho Wyoming Morning Montana
Haynes Ranch Port Rowan Ginty's Pond
Ponderosa View Grist Mill Similkameen
Dry Falls Barcelo Sunset Kobau Pond
Sunrise Montana Prairie
Channel Snow and Nice Grist Mill
Pear Blossoms Cherries Yellow Lake
Sunset Barrington Cathedral Grove
Fog Dry Falls Sunrise
Bears Ashnola Paradise
Autumn Colours Cathedral Grove Snowscape
Barcelo Sunset Sunset
Winter Sunset Sunset First Cut
Prairie Sunset White Bridge Reflections
Fence Pond Grist Mill
Similkameen Florencia Bay Oroville
Florencia Bay Wikinninish wikinninish

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